5 Gaudi Pitsford

5 Gaudi had a brilliant time at Pitsford on Thursday. The weather was beautiful and the children had a great time learning to sail and cycling around the reservoir. They did really well and only 1 boat capsized!!! The other children made up for this by taking the opportunity to jump in at the end of their sailing session though! IMG_0182


















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Year 5 Computing- Gamepress

This term in Computing Year 5 have been experimenting with drag and drop programming. We played with Scratch Jr, Scratch and Gamepress. We then decided which programme we preferred and created our own game.

It took us a long time to investigate all the app could do, which involved lots of debugging! I was really proud with how we all collaborated and supported each other with the new skills we have acquired.
Watch the video to see our games.

Scratch videos to accompany shortly.

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School of Life Concert 2015

Year 5 were lucky to have been invited to participate in the School of Life concert held at Derngate theatre. The children have been working hard in rehearsals, taken by Gareth Fuller from the Royal and Derngate choir.

We all had such an amazing time and it will be an experience we won’t be forgetting in a while.

Well done to Year 5! Well done also to James, Grace and Kane who sand their solos beautifully!

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Year 5 WOW day

Last week, Year celebrated the Summer Solstice by creating their own scaled modelled version of Stonehenge. It was a very tricky challenge to be so precise! We also appreciated the journey the Bronze Age people made bringing the stones from all the way from Wales; when we were only allowed to bring one piece of cardboard at a time after a very long walk!
In the afternoon we continued our midsummer celebrations with a folk dance with a visiting Ceilidh band.
Have a look at all the fun we had.

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When I got home today I found this little beauty on the window in my conservatory! I wonder if anyone from year 5 can name the species/type of butterfly it is? 


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Book Talk

This week in English we will be looking at this video.

What do you think is happening?
Who are the main characters?
How does it make you feel?
When and where is the book set?

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Caterpillar update

It has been a week since we have welcomed our new friends…and just look how big they have got! One has even started the process of metamorphosis. I’m excited to see what happens over the weekend.

Keep suggesting those names! 

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5 Gaudi Caterpillars

Today, 5 Gaudi took delivery of a very special parcel…a pot of little caterpillars! We are hoping to watch them grow and metamorphise into butterflies. 

We have 5 in total. Can we think of any names for them? 

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Throughout the summer term, Year 5 have come together as a year group for outdoor PE. We have worked with different children, developing our athletic skills as well as our coaching skills as we supported each other. On Friday, we competed against each other in two sports: rounders and cricket. We were impressed with how the children respected each other’s efforts, supported one another to improve and accepted their win/loss graciously. 

Here is a picture where the children decided to set up a football style handshake line after their game of rounders, so that they could congratulate the winners. Well done Year 5, you continue to be inspirational role models throughout the school! 


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Year 6 Guest Post- STEM day 20th May.

On the 20th May 2015, Year 5 were making bar graphs to improve their knowledge of maths and science. Their learning intention was ‘we are learning which exercise increases the heart rate the most’. They did this by carrying out lots of different exercises during an investigation in order to see which one increased the heart rate the most. They took this information and from their new learning found out how to present this in a bar graph . We observed the children using skills such as accuracy, measuring, collecting information and finding patterns. Year 5 said they challenged themselves by making their bar graphs as neat and accurate as they could, we think they did a great job!

Year 6

By Fred,Thomas, Molly and Emily

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